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Internet Sex Crimes

West Tennessee Internet Sex Crime Defense Attorneys

Internet sex crimes carry an enormous stigma. Even the allegation can destroy your reputation. A conviction not only means substantial jail time, it can destroy your relationships and your career and put you on the sex offender registry for life. If you have been arrested for a computer sex crime such as online solicitation of a minor or possession of child pornography, get help immediately from an experienced criminal defense attorney.

At Mueller Law Office in Jackson, Tennessee, we are committed to the field of criminal defense and to protecting the rights of people in the criminal justice system. We will aggressively defend you from these ruinous accusations and fight to minimize the damage to your life. Contact us online or call us at 731-988-9900 to learn more about how we can help you.

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We have the skill and experience to fight these charges aggressively. Our experience defending clients accused of sex crimes such as statutory rape, prostitution and sexual assault, combined with our knowledge of computer crime and access to experts, gives us the tools to go to battle against accusations of Internet sex crimes such as:

Although law enforcement may have spent months or years investigating you, things move very quickly after an arrest is made. For example, the federal government takes these cases to trial within 90 days of an arrest. We will act quickly, investigating every possible avenue to build your defense.

Investigating critical evidence against you

Attorney Mueller will investigate whether your constitutional rights were violated at any point during the investigation. Many Internet sex crimes are discovered as a result of police "stings," and we will determine if entrapment was a factor in your arrest.

In some circumstances, we may consult with computer experts to nail down exactly what activity attracted the attention of the police or investigators. If you had done nothing suspicious but the police began monitoring your private activities, an illegal wiretap may have been involved.

We will also work to determine if someone else was using your computer and may be responsible for the crime. An Internet specialist can determine if someone hacked into your system, stole your password, or otherwise used your computer system to commit crimes without your knowledge.

If investigators obtained a search warrant and seized your computer files, we will determine if the warrant was obtained and served properly and whether the police acted strictly within the search warrant's terms.

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Conviction of an Internet sex crime conviction means jail time and the lifelong stigma on the sex offender registry. Do not wait — get in touch with an aggressive criminal defense lawyer now. Contact us online or call us at 731-988-9900 for a consultation.