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Truck Accidents

West Tennessee Truck Accident Lawyers

West Tennessee is a hub for the commercial trucking industry. Semi trucks haul loads back and forth across our highways on a daily basis. When one of these trucks is in an accident, the result is often serious injury. If the truck accident was the result of another’s negligence, you may be able to obtain compensation. If you have been hurt in a truck accident, the attorneys of Mueller Law Office, PLC can help. Contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our truck accident lawyers.

Investigating the accident to learn the facts

After a truck accident, we investigate to determine the facts. We obtain police reports, driver logs, maintenance records, and any other documentation that can shed light on the accident. We interview witnesses and speak with your medical providers to learn their perceptions of what happened. We analyze the driving record of the trucker and the safety record of the truck.

Truck accidents are often catastrophic

When a truck and a car collide, the truck usually wins because of its size and weight. Cars seldom stand a chance. Serious spinal cord and brain injuries, multiple fractures, and significant internal injury are frequent results. Victims may be paralyzed or otherwise permanently disabled. Death is common.

Hard working attorneys

You deserve compensation for the pain you have endured, for lost wages, and for medical bills. We work to get full compensation for your losses. At Mueller Law Office, we believe that hard work pays off in results. Our attorneys conduct research and investigate your case fully to build a solid case on your behalf. We will turn to experts when needed to support our position. We will do what it takes to get what is right for you.

Our experienced and skilled lawyers are available to help clients in Humboldt, Brownsville, Jackson, or any of the surrounding areas. Whether you were in an accident on I-40, Highway 45, the 45 bypass, or on any highway or interstate, we can help. Contact our truck accident lawyers at (731) 988-9900 to learn how we can help you after a trucking accident.