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Criminal Defense

West Tennessee Criminal Defense Attorneys

At Mueller Law Office in Jackson, Tennessee, we are committed to preserving our clients' rights in any state or federal criminal matter. We advise people who have been charged with crimes (or who believe they may be charged), to consult with an attorney as soon as possible. To learn how our experienced Tennessee attorneys can help you, contact us to schedule an initial consultation today.

Defense against all criminal charges

Our lawyers will defend you against any state or federal charges, including:

What to do if arrested or stopped by a police officer

We want individuals stopped by an officer or charged with a crime to follow some basic rules that will help them preserve their rights. If stopped, you should:

To learn how we can help you defend against a criminal charge, contact us at (731) 988-9900. From our Jackson office, we offer skilled criminal defense to people in West Tennessee communities such as Trenton, Lexington, Henderson, and Alamo.